Frequently Asked Questions


Consideration Stage

Question: How long will the processing take?

Answer: It depends on the ability to quickly learn the Dutch language and on the level that is required for the particular job. In general about 2 months. During that period your credentials evaluation by Dutch Authorities may becompleted and the process for visa application and working permit has started. In the "Language Café" (OLC) (every half day) the lecturer present will guide you and help you find a suitable vacancy. If possible, contact is made via SKYPE with the HR department of the employer you have chosen, so that questions and answers can be exchanged.

Question: How long will the language course take?

Answer: The language school is considering a 2 to 3 months for average knowledge level.

Question: Can I pay my language course afterwards?

Answer: No, unfortunately not. The full amount as stated under Cost Calculation has to be paid in full without any deduction before you are invited for the Intake Interview.

Question: What is my guarantee for a workplace?

Answer: During your language classes, the teachers will assist you making a choice out of a number of vacancies that are offered. They will help you to write a correct application letter in the Dutch language and assist you to secure your workplace.If possible, contact is made via SKYPE with the HR department of the employer you have chosen. At the moment of departure, the workplace is guaranteed as well as the exact location. You are welcomed at the airport and introduced at your new workplace.

Question: When is the departure of the first badge to be expected.

Answer: As a result of the latest developments with the Ministry of Employment & Labour Relations, our time-line has been changed dramatically. With language classes starting by February 1st, a first group could be ready for departure by last week of April.

Question: Will there be any Entrance Examination for Expatriates after arrival?

Answer: No. The Credential Evaluation procedure of documents (endorsed by Min of Health) is binding. However, the Language Certificate issued after exams in Ghana is part of the Credentials.

Question: Is there a limit on the age of the applicant?

Answer: No, there is no minimum age and no maximum age limitation.Everybody with the right intention to master the language appropriate and to work hard and intelligent will receive a very warm welcome.


Decision Stage

Question: Can I do my payments online?

Answer: Yes, you can pay the required amount (as stated on page: Cost Calculation) (in Euro) online into the accounts stated on the application form.

Question: If I don’t pass the Dutch Exams, what’s next?

Answer: High qualified and dedicated teachers are flown in from The Netherlands. They don’t rest until you have passed the exams.They will advice you to take the exams only when your chance of success is almost certain.


Transition Stage

Question: A member of my family is living in Netherlands already. Is it possible to have a job very close to where he/she stays?

Answer: The teachers are assisting you to make a selection out of vacancies that are open in the area of your choice. This is part of the school program.

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