Time flies!

When we started the recruitment project long before the COVID pandemic, no one, absolutely no one, could have imagined that the preparation would take so much time.

Unexpected developments always occur, of course, for which a company such as Dutch Technology -as an entrepreneur- is certainly prepared for.

Yet we were mistaken in the way in which the health sector - not only in Ghana, but also in the Netherlands - works. Of course, the individual civil servant is very interested, but as a group at ministerial level decisions were taken with the greatest delay - or not at all.

As a result, we have had to constantly come up with new scenarios in order to maintain progress. And that all takes time.


There was also the problem of housing in the Netherlands. Thanks to all the luck in the world, we can use the 1D1F scheme (from MoTI) and build the houses ourselves in Ghana so that every Health W, as it were, takes its own house with them.

The only remaining obstacle is: the ground to build on. But here too we cannot escape the umpteenth delay: the municipalities that manage the building land are now confronted with refugees from Ukraine who -forced to be admitted and housed by the UN-. Fortunately, we can speed up the construction process by engaging alumni of the Technical Universities to install the (prefab) houses in the Netherlands ourselves.

We are now looking for graduates with great energy who qualify to participate as entrepreneurs in this project.


We also made a total mistake in budgetary terms and Dutch Technology's entrepreneurship is being stretched to the limit. The original budget has already been exceeded by 300%, so it is high time that the start of the Language Institute and with that your employment in EU comes into view.

Fortunately, between Sept 24 and Oct 23, Dutch Government is allocating approx. 3,700,000,000 GHS subsidy to municipalities to speed up housing programs. We have requested all 344 municipalities to make land available for us.

As you can see, we remain optimistic and fortunately receive great support from hundreds of Health Workers & especially Graduates who are going to build the houses in Europe under 1D1F.

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