COVID-19 is over! (almost)

Carefully the world will open again after 557 days.

Finally, finally - after being closed for a year and a half - most airports around the world are opening again and most flights are -carefully- resumed. Slowly the economies are starting to get back to their old levels and everyone is watching with interest what we have learned from the past. Rigorous programs are being launched in hospitals and care centres to eliminate the immense backlog of operations. However, it will remain a problem for a long time: for some operations, the posterior margins have increased to 24 months or more.

In healthcare it is "all hands-on deck" and the recruitment activities at MedicalBrokers are also scaled up to the maximum. A constant stream of visitors visits the website every day. More and more health workers are showing an interest in a temporary job in Europe. To get acquainted with a completely different way of working and with a much better salary for the same work.


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Better Salaries

”The employers offer a wage increase of 3.5% from 1 August 2022, a one-off payment of 3.5% over 2021 with an increase in the irregularity allowance. "In addition, agreements are made for the nursing and caring professions in order to eliminate backlogs and to achieve a structurally better appreciation and more control over their own profession".

The collective labour agreement applies to 80,000 employees of academic hospitals.””


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