First employer to ‘mandate’ vaccine for employees


The first employer in the Netherlands - a lease company - will make a distinction between vaccinated employees and unvaccinated employees. The company would like all staff to return to the office, but they must be vaccinated.

Now that the first employer has already made this requirement, others will soon follow in order to be able to return to the normal situation as quickly as possible. Today, the financial support that companies received to get through the corona crisis will also end.

Everything points to economic life returning to normal within one to two months.


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The demand for qualified health personnel in the hospitals and care centres is still very high. To encourage more young people to choose for a job in health care, the Dutch Government has announced a new raise of salaries:


”The employers offer a wage increase of 3.5% from 1 August 2022, a one-off payment of 3.5% over 2021 and an increase in the irregularity allowance. "In addition, agreements are made for the nursing and caring professions in order to eliminate backlogs and to achieve a structurally better appreciation and more control over their own profession".

The collective labour agreement applies to 80,000 employees of academic hospitals.””


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