Annus Horribilis


The year 2020 was not very favourable for setting up MedicalBrokers Recruiting Project.

COVID-19 that caused a huge delay in the establishment of the Dutch Language Institute. In addition, the Ministries of Health and of Labour causes another delay due to election canvassing.

From mid-November onwards celebration of public holidays like Farmers' Day and Christmas until New-Year’s day caused another delay.


This was all the more bitter because website visits remained constant at 10 to 20 per day. Simultaneously, news media in Netherlands and Germany continued to report an increasing demand for healthcare personnel.


However, we made good use of the lockdown to fine-tune some key elements of the project. In particular, a better bank loan structure and the development of the housing project in Europe received special attention. The collaboration with 1D1F and GEPA (regarding local production of the PreFab houses) turned out to be extremely successful.

We invite you kindly to familiarize yourself with the changes. Kindly introduce yourself as an interested party by forwarding the contact form.



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