This was the heading of the #1 Newspaper “de Telegraaf”of July 21st:,

“All of the Netherlands to "very serious" except for Drenthe and Zeeland.”

The corona outbreak has become 'very serious' in almost all of the Netherlands. This highest risk level will apply from Wednesday in 23 of the 25 security regions. Only Drenthe and Zeeland are one step lower, at 'serious'.

It is very unfortunate but the corona outbreak does not stop! The biggest problem could be that the vaccinations are going much slower than expected.


Simultaneously, news media in Netherlands and Germany continued to report an increasing demand for healthcare personnel. Due to COVID-19 the demand is even considerably higher.

However, we do make good use of the lockdown to fine-tune some key elements of the project. In particular, a better bank loan structure and the development of the housing project in Europe received special attention. The collaboration with 1D1F (regarding local production of the PreFab houses) turned out to be extremely successful.

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