Dutch Institute for Languages

We are very happy to find two very experienced teachers who have been exchanging experiences and collaborating for many years in the didactic field. Dr Mieke de Haan and Sabine Kuyper MED may together form a most perfect duo to start the Dutch Institute for European Languages.  An intensive contact has been established already with learning institutes associated with hospitals and clinics. The aim is to conduct regular refresher courses that are exactly in line with workplace requirements.

Dr. Mieke de Haan

teacher for language



Dr Mieke de Haan is a Dutch Linguist, Experienced Teacher and Examiner.  She has a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry.  She is skilled in Intercultural Communication and coaching with Non-profit Organizations.  Dr Mieke de Haan is a strong literature professional with a NT2 Certificate from the Free University of Amsterdam. In her professionalism she is focused on Dutch as second language.  She is holding a doctorate in anthropology.

Sabine Kuyper MEd

teacher for language





Sabine Kuyper is a teacher with a long experience and demonstrated history of working in secondary education in The Netherlands and abroad. She is skilled in training, coaching. Her specialty is mentoring and didactic method. Sabine is a strong professional with a master degree in education.

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