Queen Máxima 'is recruiting' healthcare workers

De Telegraaf” 19 March 2021


AMSTERDAM - To tackle the large staff shortage in healthcare, next week is "Discovery Care Week". Queen Máxima will kick off on Monday.

Máxima will be talking with returners and side entrants who have made the transition from a completely different profession to a job in healthcare and welfare. The idea is that their experiences inspire others to follow their example.

At the end of last year, an estimated 21,600 vacancies were open in health care, according to the Care Barometer of the UWV. That is the same number as a year earlier, for corona. The demand for individual health care providers is particularly high. Almost one in five vacancies is for IG carers, who work in nursing, home care or maternity care, among others.

Healthcare is one of the largest employers in the Netherlands with over 1.2 million jobs.

Schotanus Elderly-care Heerenveen

In and around Heerenveen is a group consisting of "Nursing Homes for Elderly Care" who are very interested in hiring health workers from Ghana. In addition, the city council of Heerenveen admires initiatives to build the "Ghana Cube" houses to provide perfect housing for Medical Staff.

Absolutely exceptional is the head of the medical staff; Doctor Epke Zonderland. Simultaneously with reading medicine at the University of Groningen, he showed more than great perseverance to also become an Olympic Sportsman.

Consider it a great honour to be part of the group of Health Workers who work with greatest dedication with him.


Snow in April

It is really very unusual for snow to fall during the Easter holidays. It happened for the last time 9 years ago, in 2013. Fortunately, it disappeared the next day, but for the children it was party time: throwing snowballs. Unfortunately, it was not that comfortable for traffic. Motorists had not counted on slippery roads and here and there it led to unpleasant accidents. Fortunately, mainly with only tin damage.

Social Life in Europe

The circumstances under which you will work in NL show a big difference with daily life in Ghana. Social Control is far much less and you are free to do whatever you want, as long as you are not a burden to the other. The two friends on a bicycle were demonstrating against a political decision, and to get maximum attention one of them decided to take off her clothes.

Of course, she got the attention she hoped for but without much of a thrill from the crowd.


Healthcare in the Netherlands is constantly looking for new methods to better serve patients. The OLVG (Amsterdam hospital) experiments with care at home, instead of having the patient come to the hospital. What better way of transport than the much-used bicycle?

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