Avoid Internet Fraud



Under normal circumstances, we have been experiencing a lot of internet fraud in Ghana in recent years, but since the Corona Pandemic wire fraud has risen to unprecedented levels.

MedicalBrokers has started to build in a number of securities that offers maximum protection to everyone. Not only money flows in Ghana, but also financial transactions in Europe (receiving your salary) and transfers from the Netherlands to Ghana will be optimally secured.

An International Insurance Policy will cover every form of risk or damage that might occur. Our management and administration are ISO 9001 certified.


Reliability Information

Please, feel free to contact the following institutions for information on the seriousness of our institution and its recruiting and housing project:


Ghana Health Service

Jerry Asamoah     0243 282 392 - asamoahjerry5@gmail.co

MedicalBrokers Netherlands
(for salary & rent matters only!)

Marya +31 652 441 202 - cfomarya@medicalbrokers.de

MedicalBrokers Ghana

Esther 0247 709 290 - estherforson@medicalbrokers.de

Regina 0209 538 356

Jerry (M) 0244 791 150 - jerrymawuli@dutchtc.eu



  • our email addresses are ALWAYS accessible and working !

  • our telephone lines are ALWAYS accessible and ALWAYS responding,

-- but we sleep between 00:00 and 06:00

  • on questions asked by phone or email or WhatsApp, you will ALWAYS receive a serious reply - in writing - within 48 hrs.

  • In case you have a question that has NOT been answered on our website already, please look at Question and Answer on the FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) for other applicants to read.

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