Status Report

Friday, February 14th, 2020

Friday, February 14th, 2020

When the Ghana Government decided on 27 November 2019 to clean up the recruitment industry by making permits through the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations mandatory, it was our serious plan to be ready by the end of January 2020. That expectation was realistic, since the scenario had been -with the Ministry of Health- carefully considered during a period of 18 months. The website was published from day 1 and everyone -especially the Legal Department- was invited to comment and make suggestions.

Although Dutch Technology was registered with the Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) since 1996 and is very familiar with government agencies, additional registration documents must be produced. The board must present itself to the Criminal Investigation Department where to take fingerprints. Finally, to the best of our knowledge, everything is now set & sealed and the license to operate might be issued now.

A corps of lecturersare standby for departure and will – as soon as possible - start to interview applicants and check their credentials. Dr Britta Veth is arriving later: she is attending a special course with the University of Leuven as examiner in view of the exams in August and November.

Friday, January 24th, 2020

The whole last week we have been occupied providing necessary and relative important documents to the Ministry of Employment & Labour Relations. In addition, our Directors went to Police Headquarters to provide their fingerprints to Criminal Investigations Department (CID). This all to protect your interest to the highest level of security.


Friday, January 17th, 2020

Yesterday morning we arrived at another milestone in our preparation process of the recruitment project. We have been able to welcome the 4000th visitor to our website, with 48 visitors on one single day. A very pleasant record so far.

We will make every effort to have all the formalities in place before the end of this month so that the lecturers can start with the intake interviews before this month ending. Followed by opening the Language Institute in the first half of February. It is recommended that you hold yourself available to meet the costs. The number of students per class and the number of classes are limited: make sure we do not have to disappoint you due to overbooking.


Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

The Dutch Government has decided today that all Medical Staff working in The Netherlands will receive a considerable raise of pay in the new year. We have added a detailed explanation to the general description of salary structures on the salary page.

Among the many hospitals and clinics that we are informing about our initiative, we meet sometimes new objections we have not thought about. One hospital expressed the objection that a new employee can be presented without thorough personal contact other than through SKYPE.

We offered the suggestion that an HR-officer would be invited to Ghana to interview qualified candidates on the spot and before departure.


Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

The Examination Bodies with the University in Leuven (Belgium) have decided to conduct exams in the second week of May. The location for the exams is with GNAT Hall, the same building where Dutch Institute for Foreign Languages is providing training classes.

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

In all European countries – and The Netherlands are no exception- there is a shortage of houses for residential purposes. In some cities -and Amsterdam has taken the lead- one can find temporary houses for students, nurses and small families that are starting on the housing market.

Arrive at a perfect solution, we decided to develop a pre-fab housing project to be built in Ghana under the Presidential 1D1F regime for export to Netherlands.

We intend to show a number of models in Accra for the expatriates to make a choice out of a variety of interiors. On arrival in Netherlands you may find the house -complete with interior decoration of your choice- ready to move in. Needles to state that the house will be in the vicinity of your workplace.

Please enjoy the page: HOUSING

Monday, January 6th, 2020

Since our last posting on August 1st, 2019 so many opinions from the side of Ministry of Health have been on the table that we completely lost oversight and maybe confidence also. So many councils and departments joined the organization with just as many rules. Fortunately, Ghana Government took the right decision to streamline the whole recruitment environment by sanitizing the industry.

Fortunately, this has been our opinion for a long time and our excellent contacts with Ministry of Employment were already in place. An update of registration with Registrar Generals Department could be conducted -although the holidays brought an understandable delay. However, all documentation is in place now and we are enjoying Honourable Minister’s Green Light. You are invited to take notice of the latest adjustments of the website content.

Make use of the FAQ facility to have open questions answered.

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

The documentation that is required by ZENITH Bank entails a Supporting Letter from Ghana Health Service as your final employer. We consider this request as reasonable and logic. Unfortunately, the contact with the GHS department in charge is extremely difficult: the email address is not connected, the telephone is not responding and the management is on a seminar. However, we keep on trying to have the required letter as soon as possible so that we can have the maximum loan amount confirmed as well as the interest and final banking cost.

Wednesday, July 10th , 2019

Today we have been meeting with officials of the Nigerian Bank ZENITH. It looks as if they are looking different and more willing to a higher minimum amount that might be available for future expatriates.

We are preparing now some documentation and the discussions will continue tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

Saturday, July 7th , 2019

This weekend we have passed 1000 visitors to our website. A remarkable milestone that shows the nationwide serious interest in our initiative. However, quite some exploration has to be conducted as far as possibility of money lending is concerned. Since a few weeks the first applicants are approaching their banks for a personal credit line to cover costs as indicated on the page: Cost Estimation.

These first contacts have been very disappointing: the maximum loan amount you are entitled to as a Governmental Employee is a minor part only of what is needed to prepare yourself for employment oversees.

We have started investigative discussions with persons of high authority with the Ghana Government to see what could be possible to overcome this dilemma. We have good hope to find some ways out as your expatriate employment is in the interest of the nation through the considerable amount of remittances that is transferred very regularly.

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