Status Report

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

The documentation that is required by ZENITH Bank entails a Supporting Letter from Ghana Health Service as your final employer. We consider this request as reasonable and logic. Unfortunately, the contact with the GHS department in charge is extremely difficult: the email address is not connected, the telephone is not responding and the management is on a seminar. However, we keep on trying to have the required letter as soon as possible so that we can have the maximum loan amount confirmed as well as the interest and final banking cost.

Wednesday, July 10th , 2019

Today we have been meeting with officials of the Nigerian Bank ZENITH. It looks as if they are looking different and more willing to a higher minimum amount that might be available for future expatriates.

We are preparing now some documentation and the discussions will continue tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

Saturday, July 7th , 2019

This weekend we have passed 1000 visitors to our website. A remarkable milestone that shows the nationwide serious interest in our initiative. However, quite some exploration has to be conducted as far as possibility of money lending is concerned. Since a few weeks the first applicants are approaching their banks for a personal credit line to cover costs as indicated on the page: Cost Estimation.

These first contacts have been very disappointing: the maximum loan amount you are entitled to as a Governmental Employee is a minor part only of what is needed to prepare yourself for employment oversees.

We have started investigative discussions with persons of high authority with the Ghana Government to see what could be possible to overcome this dilemma. We have good hope to find some ways out as your expatriate employment is in the interest of the nation through the considerable amount of remittances that is transferred very regularly.

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