Special Vacancy Opportunities

  • In Amsterdam, with the delivery bike, oncology nurses visit patients
    for -at home- chemo treatment.

The OLVG (Our Dear Lady) Hospital in Amsterdam has started with an experiment whereby special trained Nurses are providing treatment to cancer patients in the environment of their own home.


nurse on duty


The results will be evaluated in about 6 months. With this experiment, the hospital wants to see how oncological care can be offered 'more pleasant'. Besides that, the hospital hopes that the oncology nurses may more enjoy their work.
The experiment also demonstrates that the working atmosphere in which you as a Health Professional have to work has the greatest attention from your employer.


  • From Rotterdam a high specialized clinic forwarded the following request to us:

Are you an experienced specialist in geriatric medicine in rehabilitation and recovery care and do you want to achieve the highest attainable level together with a multidisciplinary team? Discover which possibilities we have to offer you:


Only the best care for our elderly

As a specialist in geriatric medicine in rehabilitation and recovery care, you work in a multidisciplinary team with experienced care providers and nursing staff. You become part of one of the largest organizations in the field of rehabilitation and recovery care and thereby ensure yourself an environment in which a lot of knowledge and expertise come together. You are in contact with specialists from the Erasmus University and other hospitals, enabling you to improve care in the chain and to help develop new care paths with hospitals.


This is what you will do as a specialist in geriatric medicine

As a specialist in geriatric medicine, you are ultimately responsible for the right care and treatment. You work closely together with the practitioners in your team and the nursing and care of the department. Everything to offer the best possible rehabilitation or recovery care to the customer. The rehabilitation trajectory is discussed with nurses or care providers with the client and their family members. You also have contact with specialists from the hospital and general practitioners. You will continue to work on:


o Managing your team

o Coordinate activities

o Make policy

o Treating complex patients

o Training healthcare professionals

o Determine your own course

o Working with specific target groups

o Sharing knowledge


What are you bringing?

You are a geriatric specialist and have preferably completed a geriatric rehabilitation training program or the ambition to follow it. Your personal qualities are characterized by integrity, expertise and result orientation. You like to work together in a team.


Excellent working conditions

In the first place we offer you a very professional environment where you work together in a multidisciplinary team with high-quality colleagues. This is your chance to work in a large organization where everything is present. You give shape to your own development and the direction in which you want to specialize as a doctor.

In addition, we offer you:

No compulsory evening, night and weekend services
Salary up to € 7,568.26
Phone and laptop
Possibility of training courses GRZ (Geriatric Rehabilitation Care)
Year-end bonus of 7.4%
Possibility for research and development


Are you looking for a job that is broader than providing care alone? Define the future of how our care should look in 10 or 20 years. An environment where you are of great added value and you share knowledge with other specialists, academic hospitals and front-line GPs.

More Vacancies

Development Program for Inquisitive Nurses

A Hospital Group in The Netherlands is launching a new Program for inquisitive Nurses. This entails a process in which you work in different departments for two years. The process focuses on your ambitions and development opportunities, where learning and working go hand in hand.


Growth is the key word

The first year of the traineeship is intended to get to know the organization and various specialisms in order to orientate you broadly and discover what suits you. During the second year you will deepen your knowledge of work within one or two specialisms. From the second year onwards you can also be flexibly deployed in fixed departments.


We make the choice of the department where you will work based on your interests and previous work and internship experience and availability in departments. During the traineeship you will be deployed in an average of 4 different departments. In this way you become acquainted with various specialisms and you can discover where your strengths lie and what really suits you.

Your traineeship starts with an introduction program so that you can find your way quickly and well within the organisation. This is followed by a training period in a nursing ward, after which you start working as an independent nurse. Of course we guide you in this. During the traineeship, contact days take place with clinical lessons, interesting speakers and presentations.

With training, learning-on-the-job, coaching and contact days, you learn the intricacies of the nursing profession in two intensive years and you develop into an excellent nurse!


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