List of vacancies


Although we have an almost endless list of vacancies, please have a selection for your perusal.


Youth doctors

General Physiotherapist (s)

Acting speech therapist

Case manager

Rheumatic nurse

Employee client & coordination

Participation Advisor WMO (Law Social Support)

All-round Helpdesk employee

Medical Advisor Diabetes

Nutrition assistant Theodotion

Practice nurse elderly care

GZ psychologist

Skin therapist Employee welfare

Team head various departments

PhD student Rehab Medicine

Practice nurses

Employee care

Medical Advisor HIV

PhD student Rehabilitation

Advisor occupational therapy and physiotherapy

Employee of dementia care

AIOS Rehabilitation

Medicine Employee care

Manager Health Centre

Imaging & Irradiation Expert

Ergo therapist

Employee dementia care night

General Physiotherapists

Psych diagnostic worker

Cardio device technician

Physical therapist

Speech therapist child rehabilitation

WMO consultants

Skin therapist


Product Expert

Commercial Employee Skin Health

Employee dementia care Pharmacy assistant

Coach Labour and Health Arb nurse

Team leader for Nuclear Medicine and Radiology

Employee Sterilization & Educational

Institute Support professional

Researcher in Training Intensive Care

Agonic employee Traineeship Wmo (Law Social Support)

Employee client and senior coordination Manager

Medical Imaging, Rehabilitation and Medical psychology

Medical Advisor Anaesthesia

Employee of dementia care

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