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To start your participation in the project you may call or write for additional information one of the following WhatsApp numbers: 0244 791 150 (Jerry Mawuli), 0247 709 290 (Esther Forson) or 0243 282 392 (Jerry Asamoah, our representative with GHS).

Please, be informed that the Administration Fee has now been increased to GHS 1500,00, due to the extravagant devaluation in recent months. You may also expect another rise soon as this devaluation continues. (we don’t see any reason why it shouldn't be) . Kindly pay into one of the following accounts in the name of MedicalBrokers:

1441 00 2281 503 with ECObank Accra
60 11 22 11 49 with ZENITH bank Accra

Please!! Do not forget to Indicate your URN number.
In case you would like to use payment via MoMo, contact Jerry M or Esther F for instructions.

After that we will also send you by email: instructions how to handle AA) the clearance form and BB) the Application Form.

** Payment of refund comes when the bank has granted you the loan, You will benefit that refund out of the loan as a discount.

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