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To start your participation in the project you may call or write for additional information one of the following WhatsApp numbers: 0244 791 150 (Jerry), 0247 709 290 (Esther) or 0243 282 392 (Jerry with GHS).

Please, note that an (refundable**) administration fee of GHS 1000.00 has to be paid (in advance but part payment is allowed) into a/c 1441 00 2281 503 of MedicalBrokers with ECObank Accra.

After that we will also send you -by email- two forms to be completed:
1) costs specification of application, language course and permits & employment contract.
2) loan application form in case you need assistance from a bank.

**refund will be conducted immediately after the loan has been granted and/or the pre-exam amount has been received by MedicalBrokers from the bank.

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