As an applicant - and in the future as an employee - you must be assured of permanent and direct contact with the management of MedicalBrokers in Ghana and in Europe. And at any time.

To have that certainty, a small group of health workers has joined together as a group, called: Health Expats Forum.

The management of MedicalBrokers is committed to answering all questions satisfactorily and quickly, but also listens to advice that benefits the working atmosphere and your stay in Europe.

Please feel free to call one of your colleagues as indicated below for any question you might have:


Francis Akpa Deborah Essel Yasmine Mustapha    
0248 430 320 0557 681 268 0240 051 642  


John Uyimeya Eric Essuman      
0245 388 659 0246 245 093      


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