Credit Facility

To qualify for a vacancy in The Netherlands you have to make a crucial investment in yourself. It is very unfortunate that – against previous promises- no support from the Ministry is to be expected. For obvious reasons we feel that close cooperation is more than necessary now and therefore we have restructured the payment schema to cover starting cost in a split scenario.

Fixed Costs (in Euro)

    € (Euro)
  The equivalent in Cedis is (depending on rate of the day) 24.973,00
1 Application & Registration Fee 1.430,00
2 Credential Evaluation in Europe 74,00
3 Three Months Language Course @ €550/Month 1.650,00
4 Study Books, Materials, Phase 1,2,& 3 488,00
5 Contingencies 200,00

Cost that arise during the study

    € (Euro)
  The equivalent in Cedis is (depending on rate of the day) 5.395,00
6 Working Licence 350,00
7 Visa Application 60,00
8 Exams Fee 120,00
9 Extra Contingencies 300,00

General Explanation



The amount as specified under 1 to 6, has to be paid into Account Numbers as indicated on the page: Adress data. Amounts paid in excess are refunded in the last month of the year together with your monthly salary and X-mas bonus. Is clarification needed, please contact Jerry Mawuli (0244 791 150).


The stated Registration Fee and Application Fee applies for Nurse level only and may change for levels of higher training. For details see FAQ page.

Fee for Foreign Credential Evaluation and Registration Documents by Dutch Authorities are € 74

The average language course duration is 3 month @ €550 per month. Should your learning capability allow you to conduct the exam earlier, you are entitled to a refund. Should you fail the exam, you are entitled to continue the course and renew your exam.

Study Books and other study materials are imported from The Netherlands by the lecturers in cooperation with the Publishing House. The Materials may vary from month to month. Speech learning assistance is conducted through online programmes under permanent supervision of a lecturer. A fast Laptop or high-end Smartphone is a vital tool.

Your contingencies remain in an ESCROW account with ECObank as your safe guarantee against eventualities.


The second amount as specified under 6 to 09 should be available whist you attend the language course.

A Working Licence, issued by the Dutch Immigration Authorities must be ready immediately after the exams, enabling you to travel at once and start your new jobs immediately on the moment of arrival.

Visa Application with Dutch Embassy in Accra will start as soon as confirmation has received from the hospital of your choice that your Credentials and Job Application have been accepted. While attending the language course, lecturers are providing necessary guidance to make this process successful. This guidance process will mainly take place during practicing hours at the Language Café (OLC). The administrative coordination is with DTC (Office Manager Maame Pinamang).

Exams fees are charged by University of Leuven that is conducting the exams on behalf of the European and National Health Care Authorities.

Although you are very well insured against eventualities from the moment of arrival, having a certain amount at hand gives always a feeling of comfort. Moreover, the contingencies amount remains in an ESCROW account in Accra as a security.

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