Dutch Institute for Foreign Languages

We are very happy to announce that we have found very experienced teachers who have been exchanging experiences and collaborating for many years in the didactic field. They may form a most perfect team to start the "Dutch Institute for Foreign Languages". An intensive contact has been established already with learning institutes associated with hospitals and clinics. The aim is to conduct regular refresher courses that are exactly in line with workplace requirements.

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Engelina Muller

Engelina Muller is a Dutch lecturer with many years of experience with Dutch as a second language for groups of students from all over the world, especially from West-African countries. She also has a great deal of experience with coaching and guidance in career choices, which is of great importance in contacts with hospitals and clinics in The Netherlands. Her specialty is with teaching methods that involves ICT. She is joining the Dutch Institute for Foreign Languages as Senior Lecturer.

The team of lecturers is supported by a team of top-notch professionals from the Ministry of Education: Rev Emmanuel Dadebo, Prof Clement Somuah and Mr Simon Wilberforce Kwame Tsadidey are involved to arrive at a most perfect result in a short period of time.

Team of Consultants

teacher for language

Rev Dr E. K. Dadebo

Dr Emmanuel Dadebo is a humble, widely travelled man, is an astute retired educationist of national & international repute having served on portfolios including National President of the Ghana Association of Science Teachers(GAST); Country Coordinator of the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Programme; Master Globe Trainer; Pastor with the Deeper Life Bible Church; Resource Lead for ln-service Training of Teachers ; Link Officer UNICEF-Min of Education Program and CEO of Zoe Computer Training Institute.

This project is privileged to be guided by industry professionals and consultants whose exposure and experience span across decades and international geographical space/regions. They hold accolades of brilliant experience in leading national and international programmes and projects in Education, ICT, Human Resource Management, Technology, Human Rights, Public and lnternational Relations to mention a few. The international exposure and expertise of consultants and lecturers with their pack of professional acumen put them in a good stead to tailor the aspirations of candidates and potential expatriates and provide the facilitation required to place them in the comfort zone of their expectations. A blessed assurance awaits every participating individual in the project.


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