Starting Nurse

As a starting nurse you can count on a gross starting salary of € 1,890 and € 1,985 per month. This can go up to € 3,075 and € 3,460. These amounts are excluding 8% holiday pay and a year-end bonus. Salaries vary per hospital because the job content is not the same everywhere.



Without experience is the starting salary for a midwife approximately € 3,500 gross per month. This is going up to an average salary of around € 4,000 gross per month. Salary with more than ten years of experience might raise to around € 4,500 gross per month. These salaries are excluding 8% holiday pay and a year-end bonus (13th month)


Medical Specialist

With a fixed-term contract or with a probationary period a Medical Specialist earns between € 7,171 and € 10,136 euros per month. In addition, there is a year-end bonus of 8.3% and a holiday pay of 8%. The contract also provides a favourable allowance scheme of 47% (evening / night) and 72% (Sundays and public holidays) of the salary on top of the basic salary. The maximum gross earnings of a specialist in employment is maximised at a total of € 160,000 per year.

New Agreements on Salaries for 2020

The negotiating agreement was reached in mid-December for the 200,000 employees covered by the collective labour agreement. Hospital staff receives a structural salary increase of 8 percent in the collective labour agreement period of 27 months. A higher irregularity allowance has also been agreed, resulting in an additional structural wage increase of around 2.5 percent. Higher salaries have also been agreed for pupils and trainees in the agreement.


Salary structure
The composition of your monthly salary is very complicated due to the many different social security taxes. We are therefore leaving the administration with a company that is very experienced in this industry. Even at high levels of business or government, people cannot read their own payslip well.

In this morning of Friday 24th Marieke Blom, Chief Economist of ING Bank was interviewed on Dutch Television (WNL), on a new 2020 wages scheme. She confessed that she does not understand her own monthly wage composition. On, German Prime-Minister Helmut Schmidt is stating: “” I don't understand my own pay slip “”.

However, would you like to know more what everything means on your payslip, we are happy to put you in touch with the responsible administrators.

To have an idea how complicated it can be: please have an average pay slip:


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