Corporate Governance

The interest by Hospitals, Care Centres and Private Clinics in the recruitment program of MedicalBrokers continues to pleasantly surprise us.


Job Opportunities overseas

In order to deal with this adequately, we want to strengthen our organization at management level with the best people Ghana has to offer. If you think you qualify for this and you have an academic training (or similar), please do write us for a detailed job description. We would like to point out that - with equal qualities - women are preferred.


Financial Specialist

Your field of operation is the financial process which entails special supervision and control. The health workers have taken the leap to Europe, financed with a bank loan provided in Ghana currency. This loan must be repaid by deductions from the monthly wage in European currency. This complicated process requires close monitoring and constant reporting to the bankers and our CFO. All related risks are insured with a company of highest international standard that requires constant and expert consultation.


Human Booster

The institutions where the health workers are employed continuously offer promotion opportunities and courses to improve the position of the employees. It is your task to maintain permanent contact with the HR departments and management about this. You should also monitor the employee's social well-being and take immediate action when possible. when necessary. You also continuously listen to the wishes of both the employer and the employee.


Employment Lawyer

The protection of the interests of Ghanaian employees are paramount in your work. You will have to familiarize yourself with the complicated regulations that form the basis of work licences and residence permits. This also applies to the regulations that apply to correct salaries and associated obligations that go with it. You have to familiarize yourselves with national collective labour agreements.

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