Sent Documents to The Netherlands


All Applicants that have paid their Administration Fee, are invited to send their credentials to the Authorities in the Netherlands for official evaluation.

The shipment goes through your employer’s office (with Ministry of Health) for endorsing,

Please take action as follows:


-- click on the document

-- click on the link that appears in the left down corner

-- click at the top on : Enable Editing

-- Complete the form on your screen.

-- Indicate your Unique Registration Number (URN).at the top

-- Indicate the Agent who is your Employer: (GHS, NMC ,MHA, New Life, CHAG, etc)

-- Print a (coloured) copy.

-- Sign the printed copy for “Well Read & Fully Understood.

-- Mark each attached document in the right-top corner with your URN.

-- Print a (coloured) copy of each document.

-- Send copies of the documents (including the Application Form) to: Esther Forson 

-- Do not forget to add documents on your secondary education trajectory.

(keep a copy of each document for yourself)


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