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You are interested to leave your beloved Ghana and join the medical staff in hospitals, clinics and elderly care in The Netherlands. That is a laudable initiative. In the Netherlands is a great demand on many different levels, for which the honour is great and the reward is very attractive.

This website might explain to you the in's and out's, making it easier taking this decision that might change the life of you and your family for ever.


Who you are talking to
Dutch Technology Centre (DTC) is an engineering and consultancy company that is active in Ghana since the beginning of the '80s. We have conducted successful or less-successful projects for WorldBank, United Nations, USAid and Ministries of Health, Education and Trade & Industry.


Why are we doing this
When we participated in the construction of the Regional Hospital in Cape-Coast under authority of Hon Eunice Emissa-Broekman, (later Ambassador in The Hague) our attention was called for the great surplus of medical staff that was available to fulfil vacancies.


Your interest is protected
To arrive at an utmost efficient scenario whereby you are very well protected in your position as expatriate, we decided to involve departments that are in authority in Ghana as well as in The Netherlands. In Ghana the authority is with the Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Employment & Labour Relations. In the Netherlands the authority is with a special for this project established independent entity:


Credit Facility
To qualify for a vacancy in The Netherlands you have to make a crucial investment in yourself. Costs must be incurred to: evaluate your documents, to become familiar with the Dutch language, you have to travel to Europe with a valid visa and create your own living (pay rent) until your first pay check arrives after eight weeks. Some banks are interested to facilitate you. Please contact for advice our officers in charge as mentioned on the following page.


Plan of attack

Please send us completed CONTACT FORM and we will provide you with your own Unique Registration Number for further action. On this CONTACT form you may publish your first question, in case you have any already.


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