Letters from CEO

Dear Health Worker!

As the CEO of MedicalBrokers, I will personally ensure that every effort is made to ensure your well-being during your stay in the Netherlands. I will personally see to it that you live in a comfortable environment, resulting in perfect and successful employment in a care centre of your dreams.

I also personally see to it that you end up with nice, pleasant colleagues who pursue the same goal as you: gain a number of years of new experience and capacity building and build up a solid financial buffer for the future.

Because the whole concept of working and living is new and has never been realized in healthcare in this way, there can sometimes be less pleasant surprises. But together with your "booster" and your HR manager, we tackle any incidents immediately. Your personal progress up the social ladder, and therefore the well-being of your family and colleagues, has my constant attention.

I would recommend that you get into the habit of accessing the Internet as often as possible and regularly reviewing what's on the website. Almost every page has the ability to respond with a simple mouse click! Take advantage of this!

Let's get to work! You can do it!



Kwaku Agyemang-Manu
Kwaku Agyemang-Manu



It was Hon Minister Kwaku Agyemang-Manu himself who told me; “this project is maybe more important for me than for you”.

Unfortunately, his enthusiasm was somewhat dampened when the outcome of his recruitment of nurses to Barbados turned out not to be as good as expected.

An extra reason for MedicalBrokers to pay even more attention to your well-being: is the "booster" who will closely follow your developments in Netherlands and support you as much as possible in finding the best position at the workplace. She also will keep permanently an eye on the opportunities to promote and raise your salary more and more.


COVID-19 is still disturbing




The statistics indicate that COVID-19 is far from over! According to hospital statistics, the majority of ICU patients are older people who have not been vaccinated and who are overweight. It is expected that all measures to prevent infection will be sharpened again for the coming months. For some branches even a complete lock-down. MedicalBrokers will not be distracted by this and just continue with the preparations. Unfortunately, slightly slower than planned. But we are "pretty close to perfect" on all levels: Solid Workplaces; Comfortable Housing; High Salaries; extra Emoluments.

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